International Thyroid Awareness Week  2019

Welcome to
Thyroid Federation International

Thyroid Federation International (TFI) was established in Toronto in 1995, and is now registered in Sweden. We are a network of patient support organizations from many countries. (more information: Association)

To date the federation includes over twenty thyroid organizations from many parts of the world, including Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa (more information: Members)

The presidents of TFI since 1995

The presidents of TFI since 1995: Y. Andersson-Lakwijk (2003-2010), A. Bhaseen (2010-present), L. Wood (1995-2003)

TFI – Annual General Meeting

September 14th 2018 in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

Representatives from Philippines, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, India, Germany, Danmark, Belgium, Australia, Finland, USA, Netherlands, Spain, France and Sweden.

TFI and Global Impact

As thyroid disorders affect so many people, we would like to see thyroid organizations being established all over the world, supporting people who need further information and help (more information: How to Start a Thyroid Organization)

The patient perspective

In their own countries, our network of organizations supports people with thyroid disorders by providing information written specifically for the patient, by listening to the patient perspective and by raising awareness
www.thyroidday.org and www.thyroidweek.org

(more information: International Thyroid Awareness Week)

Through TFI, member organizations share their experiences and learn from each other about ways to enhance the focus on the patients’ interests.

Benefit : for doctors and for patients

Doctors benefit because we provide them with background information about the quality of life of the average thyroid patient.
From the partnership with doctors we gain important evidence-based information that we can pass on to patients.
Patients benefit because we listen to their concerns, and many raise interesting and valid points for discussion, which in turn we can pass on to the doctors.
In turn, many of them volunteer to help develop the patient organization in their particular country.