Mission Statement

Thyroid Federation International aims to work for the benefit of those affected by thyroid disorders throughout the world.


  • To encourage and assist the formation of patient oriented thyroid organizations.
  • To work closely with the medical professions to promote awareness and understanding of thyroid disorders and their complications.
  • To provide, through member organizations, information and moral support to those affected by thyroid disorders.
  • To promote education and research related to thyroid disorders.


The Thyroid Federation International first convened in Toronto at the 11th International Thyroid Congress in September 1995. The vision of a world thyroid organization to deal with the problems of thyroid disease in a global perspective was first advocated by Diana Meltzer Abramsky, C.M., B.A. who in 1980 founded the Thyroid Foundation of Canada in Kingston, Ontario Canada – the first lay thyroid organization in the world. Since then, the idea has received enthusiastic support and leadership from Dr. Lawrence C. Wood of the Thyroid Foundation of America, the Federation’s first president. Starting from a base of six member organizations, the Federation has grown to include thyroid organizations in many parts of the world, including Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.

Our main objective is to assist all those interested to start a thyroid patient organization in their country or locale. For more information see: How to Start a Thyroid Patient Organization

For patient information and support: Contact a thyroid organization in your locale.
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