Contract with DrugStars

Thyroid Federation International has signed an agreement with DrugStars ApS from Denmark. 

DrugStars is becoming the “TrustPilot” for medicines. Users are reviewing how the medicine works for them, and earning stars as they take their meds. The user can then give the stars in the form of free donations that help patient charities. DrugStars convert the stars into real money paid for by the revenue of DrugStars’ business. DrugStars users have donated more than 40.000.000 stars to patients-associations, corresponding to 450.000 euros in donations (2020). Hereby DrugStars is transforming the normally mundane  experience of taking medicine into a more meaningful, purpose filled and fun act for the patients. DrugStars is a nice example of the new trend in digital economy, where ethical monetization of information is an integral part of the business model, where users are rewarded for sharing information, in this case in the form of free donations.

Click here to see the contract.