ThyroWorld 1701

It’s time for a thyroid patient E-newsletter

20 years ago Thyroid Federation International (TFI) published the first ThyroWorld with articles from all over the world about the activities of TFI and the member associations. Every year you can read about the World Thyroid Day (May 25th) and the International Thyroid Awareness Week. We also publish articles on a variety of aspects of the thyroid and thyroid diseases, mostly written for our member associations but of interest to all involved in thyroid diseases. ThyroWorld is highly appreciated by our members but also by the professionals from ETA, ATA, AOTA and LATS.

There is more information

The information about thyroid research is growing and it is no longer possible to cover this with a magazine once a year. It is not the role of TFI to publish scientific articles but we do want to bring more science to the patients and their organizations. In addition to the annual ThyroWorld TFI has decided to introduce an electronic newsletter with articles for layman and links to scientific articles from all over the world from magazines like the Thyroid Research Journal, New England Journal of Medicine, Clinical Thyroidology and less specialized scientific magazines.

Now it’s time for your input

We would like to invite you to join us, as well as inviting you to help us with articles or links to articles that are interesting to thyroid patients. We look forward to your input if you find or write an article that is of interest to thyroid patients in general or for specific groups.

Examples of links with important and reliable information for patients

Patient organizations that provide evidence based information to patients like to inform the patients about the guidelines in different countries. On one hand to make sure that there is evidence for the treatments and on the other hand to show that with the same evidence the guidelines in countries can differ. In Italy a team has looked at this question. Are evidence-based guidelines reflected in clinical practice?  To our regret the knowledge about the effects of thyroid disease on the unborn child is still at a low level. Most women don’t realize that the child is, from the beginning, completely dependent on the thyroid hormones of the mother. 2017 Guidelines of the American Thyroid Association for the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy and the Postpartum For many people the problem of iodine deficiency is a problem only in Asia and Africa. Research shows that this is not the case. The consequences of iodine deficiency should not be overlooked. This study from a couple of years ago is still accurate and worthwhile to be read by all. Iodine deficiency in the U.K.: an overlooked cause of impaired neurodevelopment? Is life for thyroid patients really restored after treatment? In Denmark, researchers looked at the Quality of Life after benign tumor thyroidectomy. Quality of life after thyroidectomy in patients with nontoxic nodular goiter Patientview was created out of a belief that the views of patients should be considered in all important healthcare decisions (whether a new healthcare product is being developed, or whether a government is instituting changes to a healthcare system). The organisation was formed in response to the emerging powerful global patient movement. Today, PatientView has the capacity to reach out to 60,000 patient groups (covering over 1,000 specialties, and from most countries in the world). Every year they make an overview of the opinion of patient groups on the medical industry. What 513 patient groups worldwide think of the medical industry