ThyroWorld 1801

The first ThyroWorld electronic newsletter

Thyroid Federation International (TFI) is very glad to announce the first E-news ThyroWorld electronic newsletter. The newsletter is initially meant for patient organizations and patients all over the world with interest in the news about thyroid diseases but who can’t find their way in the load of articles on all different kind of levels. The newsletter can also be read by general physicians with an extra interest in thyroid diseases.

The E-news ThyroWorld provides a number of links to abstracts of scientific articles that may be of interest to a hypothyroid or hyperthyroid patient or for a patient with thyroid cancer or another thyroid disease.The articles are a mixture with no specific theme.

The articles

This time we found articles on subjects like side effects of thyroid disease (hart, skeleton), treatment (Graves,subclinical hypo), pregnancy, children and the effect of treatment for hypo patients and cancer patients.

Your help is required

In order to make this newsletter better we ask everybody that reads this to let us know what you think of it. On the website of Thyroid Federation International we will provide a list with explanation of words that might need explanation.
Please spread this newsletter to as many patients and physicians as possible, so they can prescribe to our mailinglist and get this newsletter 3 times a year.
If you find (or have written) a scientific article that is of interest to thyroid patients, please send us the link to the article. The selection of articles is made by the editor of the newsletter.

Links with important and reliable information for patients

Thyroid Function and Sudden Cardiac Death (PubMed)
It is well known that there is an association between thyroid disease and heart problems. Certainly for patients who have been hyperthyroid (due to late diagnosis or due to TSH suppression for thyroid cancer) this can be a cause of concern.

Reduce Fractures in Older Women: SCOOP Study (University of East Anglia)
Thyroid diseases are more common with women and the numbers for older women are even higher. This study tested whether a screening intervention could reduce fractures in older women.

Teprotumumab for Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy. (PubMed)
Research around the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) or Graves’ disease is going on. This study reports on the results of a test of a new drug compared with a placebo.

Stimulation of Thyroid Function by hCG During Pregnancy: A Risk Factor for Thyroid Disease and a Mechanism for Known Risk Factors (Liebert)
During pregnancy the thyroid function is of the highest importance. This study determined whether hCG is a risk factor for thyroid disease during pregnancy.

Subclinical Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy (NEJM)
In this study the effect on the IQ of the children of women with subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy is evaluated.

Thyroid Nodules in Children (Springer)
Thyroid nodules in children are rare but a higher percentage is malignant. In this chapter of the book “Thyroid Nodules” there is more information and many links to articles in this area.

Effects of Age, Sex, and Weight on Levothyroxine Metabolism (Liebert)
This study gives an answer on the question whether the age, sex, or weight of the patient changes the levothyroxine metabolism.

A Follow-Up Strategy for Patients with an Excellent Response to Initial Therapy for Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma: Less Is Better (Liebert)
Thyroid cancer now considered a life-long disease. Studies have shown that different kinds of thyroid cancer have different expectancy of recurrence. This study evaluated the followup for a specific group of patients.